Poor puppies

An amusing digression in the blogosphere on why more fathers don’t want their daughters to be lesbians. Eugene Volokh says that for many practical as well as irrational reasons, fathers should want their daughters dating women and not men.

Charles Oliver of Shoutin’ Across the Pacific opines that it’s nice in theory but in reality, “A man believes that if his daughter is going to hook up with some beefy person in Levis, a plaid shirt and a bad haircut, it might as well be a guy.”

Like Volokh and Oliver, I also do not have any children. Unless you count the beagle-dachsund mix Karen and I have — Sport, a boy. If we had a girl dog, I don’t think I’d mind her being a lesbian. But we’d probably do with her what we did with Sport, which solves all of these problems: get the dog neutered. An elegant solution, no?