The Other Party

There is no one else
In this whole wide world
Exactly like you
No one who talks or walks
Precisely the way you do
Not a one who snuggles or smooches
Snores or snorts
Identically as you do

Because deep inside each of us
Composing us all
Is a special code that coins
The curl of our hair
The color in our eyes
The depths of our belly buttons
And the lengths of our eyelashes
It draws out our laugh lines
And shapes the way we tremble in tears

No matter what else occurs
You will have a place on this planet
A time through which you travel
That is your very own

We are each
In short

But —
It turns out
There are two
Girls named Avery
Celebrating birthdays
At this park district facility today
And we are at the wrong Avery’s party

That explains why
You did not recognize her
And why she is
Several years younger than you

My bad.

So, finish up your cupcake
Grab our gift
From the table
Wish the wrong Avery
A happy birthday

And let’s head next door
To the other Avery party
Where you will find cake
And Goldfish crackers too

– 30 –

Views from Mexico, 2018

After having such a lovely time during our previous trip to the area, we decided to again stay in Puerto Morelos, Mexico.  Part of our stay included a visit to a local turtle farm, or tortugranja, where we happened upon this unhappy-looking customer. Click the photo below for the full photo set.

We drive

With Labor Day upon us, it seems appropriate to share another playlist. This one is called “Automobile.” The driving theme seems appropriate because so many people take advantage of this three-day weekend to take driving trips. Unfortunately, the song that inspired the title — John’s Prine’s “Automobile” — is not available on Spotify. Here’s Prine playing it live in a 1980 televised concert. Song starts about 1 minute, 40 seconds in.

Anyhow, here’s the rest of the playlist. I had to make a couple of substitutions, again due to Spotify: a Bluegrass version of “Cut Every Corner” from The Simpsons, and John Hartford doing “Turn Your Radio On” instead of Grandpa Jones.