Self-defense is not a privilege

Over at Keep and Bear Arms, Barbara Renner writes movingly of the case of Ronyale White, and how too often the options touted as superior to armed self-defense fail:

Women are repeatedly advised to obtain court orders to protect them from potentially violent former partners and others who may do them harm. But protective orders do not stop bullets, or knives, or clubs, or any other implement that can inflict bodily harm. Protective orders do not barricade windows and doors, nor do they prevent violent individuals from entering a home. They don’t shield women (or men) from physical attack. They are what they are — pieces of paper.

Likewise, women are told to dial 9-1-1 when danger is lurking. They are led to believe that authorities will arrive, take charge and diffuse the situation before any substantial harm is inflicted. It is shameful propaganda that costs innocent lives. Waiting on a response to a call for help can literally take the rest of your life — as it did for Ronyale.

White was the mother of three.