Six scoreless innings? You’re outta here!

Don Baylor’s decision to remove Jason Bere from the game last night is a perfect example of his managerial idiocy. Bere, who has struggled all year, was finally pitching well: six innings, no runs, four hits, three strikeouts, three walks. That’s not the kind of performance you reward by removing the pitcher from the game — unless you’re Don Baylor, that is.

Fassero and Mahomes, no surprise, couldn’t get the job done. And, despite a great start this year, Borowski fell down on the job. But the point is that all of this wasn’t necessary. Bere may not have pitched a complete game shutout, but why not give him the chance? Why not give him a boost of confidence after a rough start by letting him go long when he’s pitching well?

That’s how you blow a five-run lead, a chance for a sweep against a division rival, and end a six-game win streak. Aargh.