Why Maddux won’t be wearing (Yankee) pinstripes

I think there’s strong reason to believe that the unconfirmed reports that the evil, evil Yankees are close to signing Greg Maddux won’t be confirmed anytime soon.

Not only has the Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman consistently denied that the Yankees are even negotiating with Boras, Maddux’s agent, but it’s clear the team has other priorities, including first base and second base.

Apparently, seven all-stars in the everyday lineup just isn’t enough. If anything, the Yankees would be interested in a left-handed starter, which Maddux of course is not. Even if the Yankees were pursuing him, it’s hard to take seriously the idea that Maddux, after insisting for the entire off-season that he wanted to be closer to his home in Las Vegas, would sign with a team 800 miles farther away than Chicago is.

Lastly, there’s no way that Red Sox and Cubs fans’ hearts could be crushed so dramatically within the space of a few days. That could never happen!