Lost time is not found again

A few odds and ends:

  • Pedro Gomez writes for ESPN.com that a Latin American city (my favorite is Monterrey, Mexico) deserves the Expos. Certainly, just about any place deserves the Expos more than Washington, D.C., does — though I’m generally in favor of providing politicians with as many diversions from lawmaking as possible.
  • Out late on the town and looking for some grub? Lunarama has a growing directory of 24-hour restaurants. (Link courtesy of El Papote.)
  • Radley Balko gives it up for a guy with guts, retiring Sen. Peter Fitzgerald. Among other things, Fitzgerald opposed Congressional attempts to federally preempt the Illinois legislature on an issue of local concern, whether O’Hare International Airport ought to be expanded. Ultimately, the pro-expansion Democrats retook the governor’s mansion making the issue moot. They pushed expansion, which by eminent domain will result in the displacement of hundreds of residents and two cemeteries in the surrounding area. It will also result in years of public contracts to be controlled by — guess who? — Da Mare. Surprise, now the city’s original cost estimate has doubled. And that’s even before the costs of good ol’ Chicago corruption are even taken into account.
  • The Feb. 9 issue of Insurance Journal Midwest is now online.