In spite of the efforts of their bullpen, the Cubs managed to sneak away with a win today, though Wood again didn’t get the victory he rightly deserved.

Just before Goodwin hit his game-winning single I thought, “Man, why isn’t Choi hitting?” But, thankfully he came through! And it’s an especially good thing since the Astros demolished the Cards, meaning the Cubs stand pat, one game back.

So Clement was pulled Wednesday night for a groin injury, after all. He says it won’t stop him from making his next start, but he looked really bad before being taken out of the game. This is not a good sign at all because (1) he could hurt himself worse which is not what you’d want to happen for a guy still only 30 years old and (2) it could mean Shawn “Automatic Loss” Estes sneaks his way back into the rotation.

I’m actually hoping the Cardinals take four or five of these next games against the Astros, since they’re now 3.5 games back it would hurt the Cubs less and they’re obviously the weaker team going down the stretch, with an atrocious bullpen and an iffy starting rotation.

Tomorrow Cruz goes back to the mound against yet another Reds no-namer. Go Cubs!