As if it wasn’t hard enough

The Cubs keep making the Reds seem like the Yankees instead of the conglomeration of minor-league talent they really are, but they won to stay a game back of the Astros who again beat the Cardinals.

Alarming signs today:

  • Cruz was charged with six earned runs and gave up 10 hits over only five innings. That’s a bad start, but still better than Estes on most days. Will Baker use this outing as an excuse to give Estes another shot at starting? Let’s hope not.
  • Third straight bad relief outing from Mark Guthrie, who’s been one of the Cubs’ most dependable relievers all year. He gave up three hits in an inning of work.
  • Roy Oswalt pitched seven shutout innings in the Astros win today and said after the game, “This was the first time I’ve felt comfortable all year.” Great.
  • The Cardinals seem to be falling apart. They still have four games left with the Astros this year. The Cubs need the Cardinals to at least split those games and not roll over and play dead for the hard-charging Astros.

All that said, the Cubs now have a chance for a sweep tomorrow with Zambrano on the hill. Go Cubs!