One el of a site

Remember when the Internet was supposed to be educational and whatnot, before it degenerated into a wasteland of spam, pornography and blogs?

In case you had lost all hope, let me introduce you to Chicago “L”.org, “the internet’s largest resource for information on Chicago rapid transit system!” Yes, it’s as geeky as it sounds. The site boasts, for example, “A History of fares, tickets, collection equipment, and more!”

But really, there’s lots of fascinating stuff here, including pictures of old “L” cars, a history of “L” mishaps, accidents and unusual occurrences, old advertisements for elevated rail, and — my favorite part — a history of each “L” station.

Also, find out if it’s spelled “L” or “el.” Fascinating. I side with the “el” faction, by the way, in spite of CTA propaganda.