Honesty is the worst policy

Except for all the others. According to the Wall Street Journal’s Jennifer Saranow, though online dating has skyrocketed in popularity, many of the happy couples who’ve resulted from online unions are reticent about telling their friends and families the truth about how they met.

Of course, my wife Karen and I met online. I think we’ve been pretty honest with most folks about how we met. The only time I recall fibbing or stepping around it was at the wedding of one of Karen’s cousins last year. But I don’t think that was so much out of embarassment as it was laziness. It takes time to explain that we met online, what that involved, etc.

And I know that I don’t really go out of my way to tell mere acquaintances how we met, out of laziness but also because of the stigma that is still somewhat attached to it. But if you can’t be honest with friends and family about that kind of thing, what’s the point anymore?