Does a Dusty road lead to Chicago?

Hendry and the Cubs have put everyone else on hold in order to pursue Giants manager Dusty Baker. It’s incredible to think that, after 10-plus years as manager, he might finally lead San Francisco to a World Series ring and then skip out of town to Chicago. Relations must be really bad with Giants owner Peter Magowan.

On the other hand, in spite of all the indications, the Cubs are actually a prime destination. They’ve got one of the best young pitching staffs in the major leagues, three up-and-comers in Choi, Hill and Patterson and — oh, yeah — Sammy Sosa. They should be a perennial pennant contender if they are managed correctly and fill in a few pieces. Whereas the Giants are clearly a veteran team going for a last shot.

But the Cubs, the Cubs, the Cubs. Every new manager wants to think he’ll be the one to change the tide, defy history, etc. But it’s got to weigh on you, because it’s not just history, it’s the organization. But if the Cubs show Baker they mean business (i.e., by offering him a big enough payday), it may be enough to convince him they’re serious about winning. It’s funny how that sort of thing works.