Aww, that’s super

I don’t think I am in possession of the requisite superlatives to describe “Punch-Drunk Love.” It is fabulous. It is fantastic. It is fantabulastic. It is, finally, alive.

Every shot makes you smile with wonder at how beautiful it is. Jon Brion‘s score seems to punctuate entire scenes. How much of a genius is Paul Thomas Anderson? He finally made a good Adam Sandler movie.

Punch-Drunk Love” is laugh-out-loud funny, but also very touching. Not touching in an “oh-that-music-is-playing-so-I’m-supposed-to-care-now” way, but in a real way that makes you glad to be human. Karen says she loves Anderson’s movies because they make her feel normal, beautiful and right. They make you feel connected.

They give you a reason to think there is still some hope for the movies, in spite of all evidence to the contrary.