Same difference

According to the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, a masochist is a person who “takes pleasure in being abused or dominated,” and has “a taste for suffering.” Here’s a simpler definition: Cubs fan.

It’s nine losses in a row, now, but MacPhail says he “has no intention of making a change any time in the near future.” Of course not. Maybe he wants to have a new manager lined up to replace Baylor when he finally gets the ax.

At this point, I’m interested to see how many games in a row the Cubs can lose. The 1961 Phillies hold the record with 23 losses in a row. That’s a record I think even this team will have trouble beating. But they can try. At least today they made it interesting by putting the tyings runs on base in the ninth. What’s even worse than the Cubs’ winning record is the fact that very few games have even been interesting or exciting.

Even ace Jon Lieber couldn’t bring them victory today. Of course he couldn’t. He allowed more three runs. How’s the offense supposed to win with that kind of effort? Jeez, Liebs. Won’t you ever learn? Make sure to let Mark Prior in on the secret before he pitches on Wednesday. That should help him bear down for his major-league debut.