Do look back, but don’t get lost

I don’t mean to suggest by my earlier post that there is no point in pursuing the whole story about exactly what Dubya knew and when he knew it, to put it in “gate” parlance. Clearly, all of this should have come out a lot earlier, and Dubya has been too reticent about sharing information with Congress and with the public, on everything from the war in Afghanistan to energy hearings to refusing to allow Tom Ridge to brief Congress.

On the other hand, the Democrats are rushing to use this information to try to get some political traction against the president, wrecklessly disregarding the fact that it was the intelligence agencies — not the president — who failed at their duties. Clearly, reform aimed at ensuring that there is a free flow of intelligence information between the FBI, CIA, State Department, the Department of Defense and whomever else is absolutely necessary.

But, as I said before, we should guard against allowing that real need to become an excuse for more pork-barrel spending unrelated to actually fighting domestic terrorist threats.