Why physicians’ use of digital health is on the rise

Physician use of technology to provide televisits or virtual visits has doubled since 2016, with nearly 30% of doctors adopting the digital health technology, according to an AMA survey of 1,300 physicians.

The survey found that rising shares of physicians are using many digital health tools to enable:

  • Consumer access to clinical data—58%.
  • Point of care or workflow enhancements—47%.
  • Clinical decision support—37%.
  • Patient engagement—33%.
  • Remote monitoring and management for improved care—22%.
  • Remote monitoring for efficiency—16%.

Nearly 90% of doctors see at least some advantage in digital health tools, and more doctors are likely to see a definite plus to using them. That’s more likely to be the case among primary care physicians, 40% of whom see the sure upside in these digital health tools, compared with 33% of specialists—a change from the 2016 results.

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