Photos from Midsommarfest

This is an annual street festival held in Andersonville. Despite the crush of people, it can be enjoyable for those interested in savoring a wide variety of overpriced comestibles, gewgaws and ear-splitting musical stylings. Anyhow, I took some pictures with my new camera. Click the photo below for the entire set.

A lot of face paint.

A note on language. One might think that Midsommarfest is a misnomer given that summer hasn’t even yet begun. Actually, midsommar is an important time in Sweden that does not happen in the middle of summer but at its start. (Andersonville was long home to a thriving Swedish population, but nowadays not so much.)

That having been said, Midsommarfest is still a misnomer because midsommar in Sweden is celebrated during the first week of summer — June 19-26. Midsommarfest in Andersonville, by contrast, takes place every year in early June. These pictures are from Saturday, June 8.