When the Dawn

I initially wrote this soon after Elizabeth and I began dating. I revised it recently and it seems appropriate, given our recent wedding celebration, to share it here.

When the day is a dunce, dropping itself unceremoniously upon
Its helpless victims, those fools who awoke expecting
Or hoping, against hope, for brilliantine benevolence

When the night is a nincompoop, crawling clumsily upon
Its cooperating witnesses, those ne’er-do-wells who lie awake pondering
What they maybe, might have, could have done, or been

When the morning is a malcontent, thrusting itself unremorsefully upon
Its undercover agents, those daydreamers busy dredging
Inconceivable-seeming days against the crooked currents

When the night has come again
And the land is dark
Well, then, what wonder have we here?

Sweetness and light!
Sweetness and light!
Twinkling with a casual brilliance
Enfolding with the night
Standing at the crossroads
Walking amid the bogs and marshes
Past little boxes made of ticky-tacky
Accompanying what is present
And supplying what is lacking
Bedecked by boisterous eyes
And limned by lavishing lips
Brightening the sanctuaries
Drawing dignity within reach
Darkening the door
And daring to eat a peach

When the dawn is irradiated, shining unapologetically upon
Its reliable sources, those cloying crooners who rise singing
Unabashedly trumpeting their sweetness and light

When they march gaily across the glen
And the sun is high
Well, then, what wonder have we here?

– 30 –