Doctors failed to inquire about Gitmo detainees’ injuries

My lede:

Physicians and other health professionals at Guantanamo Bay failed to properly document and report evidence “highly consistent” with detainee allegations of torture, says a case review of nine detainees’ medical records published in the April issue of PLoS Medicine.

Three of the detainees had documented physical injuries that were highly consistent with their allegations of abuse, including contusions, bone fractures, lacerations and peripheral nerve damage, said the study, written by two experts on the evidence of torture. The reviewers were hired as medical consultants by attorneys for some of the detainees.

The detainees said they were exposed to interrogation techniques such as sleep deprivation, extreme temperatures, stress positions, beatings, forced nudity, prolonged isolation and sexual molestation — all recognized as torture by the United Nations Convention Against Torture as well as the U.S. government before 2002.

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