City of Chicago, Richard M. Daley, Mayor

Here is a little something I wrote a few years back, but given the news it seems appropriate to publish it now.

Come from the East
Come from the West
Back to the town
We love the best
By boat, by plane
By land, by air
We find this tidbit
To remind us of our master
As if we hadn’t been aware
It says, “City of Chicago
Richard M. Daley, Mayor”

It seems no inch of property
Escapes Hizzoner’s glare
Without his leaden stamp
Is it really even there?
Why, even babies’ heads
Are marked before they grow their hair
Welcome to the world, my boy
But you had better beware
You’re in the City of Chicago
Richard M. Daley, Mayor

Bundled up in business cazh
Or attached to fanny packs
On a muggy Mag Mile morning
The throng is making tracks
Past dem purty flower boxes
Past a prophet’s jumbled prayer
Much to do, much to see
Can’t stop, can’t spare
In the City of Chicago
Richard M. Daley, Mayor

He arrived as “Rich”
But today he’s Da Mare
In daddy’s footsteps
City Hall’s rightful heir
Cronies and crooks
Creep up on the screen
We’re so damn amazed
By a magical Bean
Behind every denial
Just a hint of despair
In the City of Chicago
Richard M. Daley, Mayor

– 30 –