Family physicians’ partnership with Coke draws criticism

My lede:

The American Academy of Family Physicians announced in October that it was partnering with Coca-Cola Co., the world’s No.1 soft-drink maker, “to develop consumer education content on beverages and sweeteners.”

The one-year deal is the first in the academy’s new “consumer alliance program” and is in the “strong six figures,” according to AAFP Executive Vice President Douglas E. Henley, MD. Coca-Cola is listed as a partner at the academy’s Web site. The AAFP said it plans to use the funding from Coke and other consumer-goods companies to beef up the site’s educational offerings.

In the fight against childhood obesity, many medical experts have tabbed sugar-sweetened sodas as a principal culprit, and for that reason some have criticized the AAFP deal.

The whole shebang.