H1N1 gets busted in rhyme

My lede:

Sporting a pair of stylish aviator sunglasses as a hip-hop beat swells on the soundtrack, John D. Clarke, MD, seems at home in the rap video for which he won a national contest to find the best flu-prevention public service announcement.

But the first giveaway that the lyrics to this rap will stray far from typical Jay-Z fare is a close-up of Dr. Clarke’s name in script over the pocket on his white coat. Then he dishes out the rhyme: “Hand sanitizer, I advise you get it — why? It makes germs die when you rub and let it dry.”

The minute-long music video also advises patients to seek medical care if they believe they are infected with influenza A(H1N1), stay home when sick, use tissues when sneezing, wash their hands for 20 seconds, and avoid touching the nose, eyes and mouth.

The whole shebang.

The video: