Hope springs a leak

When I picked out today’s Mets-Cubs game as my one Wrigley outing of the year, I figured that it would meet the minimum standards I regularly set for such matters in order to avoid disappointment. Sure, I thought, the Cubs may be out of the playoff race by then (which they pretty much are) and they may stink it up on the field that day (we’ll see how that turns out) but at least I’ll be in for good weather in late August.

It’s unlikely to be miserably hot, I anticipated, but it certainly won’t be April-or-October cold. Hmph. That 65-degree-high, of course, does not take into account the wind off the lake. Seems no matter how low I set the bar, the Cubs still manage to avoid clearing it.

Update: Yes, it was very, very cold, though I was able to dress warmly enough. But who doesn’t enjoy wearing a sweatshirt, overcoat, gloves and a knit cap to a ballgame in August? And, as expected, the Cubs lost 4-1.