Capital problems

So I’ve been playing around with a couple of new Web 2.0 services and they seem to fall prey to a problem I’ve seen elsewhere — a total lack of consistency about how or whether to capitalize Web site or service names.

You can check out my new profiles at the online music-sharing site and the social media aggregator FriendFeed. Or wait — is that how I should capitalize their names?



Note the logos. uses mixed capitalization and FriendFeed lowercases the whole thing, despite how the name appears in their Web site copy. I know that for Web companies there’s a special complication in that the name always appears lowercase in the address bar no matter what the company’s official style is. For that reason I’ve chosen, for example, to call this site, instead of

Web firms are far from being alone in engaging in this regrettable practice, though they seem to be especially prone to it. Lots of companies do it; why, even think tanks do it. A long-time offender:


I guess the blame really lies with the folks who design the logos, who apparently cannot find a way to make mixed-case look good or at least deceive themselves into believing it does in order to appease style Nazis such as myself.