What’s in a name?

I’m not sure of the answer, but consider this an update to a previously posted — and subsequently lost — list of my dog Bob‘s many, many nicknames. They represent my feeble attempt to capture, nominally, this Australian Shepherd‘s central characteristics of excitability, huggability, and — uh — furrability.

You may already know him as Tubby — which of course is short for Tubford Wigglesworth — due to his fondness for chillaxin’ in the bathtub come summertime. Here, in no particular order, are some other nicknames that have occurred to me, accompanied by links to the names that inspired them when applicable.

  1. Bobby Wigglesworth
  2. Bob Cozy
  3. Fluffernutter
  4. FluffBob NoPants
  5. Fluff Monster
  6. Fluffy Guy
  7. Sir Fluffalot
  8. Bob Barker
  9. Stay Fluft Marshamallow Pup
  10. Sweetie Pie (aka Coconut Cream Pie — see the resemblance?)
  11. Pretty Boy Fluff
  12. Fluffy Pupper/Puppy Fluffer (doesn’t seem right to count this twice)
  13. Blizzard of Bob
  14. Roberto Fluffmente
  15. Bobtos — The Fluffmaker!
  16. Capt. Fluffy Pants (aka Capt. Softy Pants, Fuzzy Pants, or Sandy Pants — depending on the condition of his pants)
  17. Dr. Wigglegood
  18. Capt. KaBob
  19. Bob Loblaw
  20. Max Fluff
  21. Bobbylicious
  22. Dogley
  23. Little Face
  24. Tuna Stealer
  25. Chop Licker
  26. Ruh-Ruh (Lucas‘ contribution to the list)

I’ll update this post if I remember or come up with any others.