A thankless proposition

Unlike some people, I adore each element of the traditional Thanksgiving meal. I wish I could have Thanksgiving dinner all year ’round. How about a theme restaurant where every day is Thanksgiving? All the great fixings without any of the hassle — or in-laws.

Call it … Thanks!

You know, waiters in pilgrim outfits, waitresses dressed like Indians wearing feathers in their hair. Breakfast is turkey omelettes with a side of stuffing. Lunch is “leftover” turkey sandwiches. TVs showing the Detroit Lions losing on a loop. Have a section of the menu with 1621-style offerings.

Some taglines:

  • Thanks! — Thanksgiving day, any day of the year
  • Thanks! — We’re grateful you came
  • Thanks! — Thanksgiving leftovers delivered fresh to your table

This started in my mind as a joke, but now it’s developed into a half-baked idea.