Thumbs way up

I recommend this very interesting profile of Roger Ebert in Chicago magazine. I knew much of the story already, but there were some good nuggets that were new even to me. One tidbit that stand out for me, though in retrospect it’s pretty obvious, is this one:

Norman Mark, an old friend and a former TV critic for the Daily News, has heard Ebert say that he gets paid “six or seven times every time he sees a movie. He’s very proud of that.” Ebert’s reviews are in print in the Sun-Times, on Ebert & Roeper, on WLS-TV, in his anthologies, on his Web site, and through the Universal Press Syndicate they go to more than 250 newspapers.

Not too bad for a couple of hours in the dark, though it does mean he has to see every new Julia Roberts movie. A fair deal? Hmm …