Silver lining?

As horrified and disappointed as I am by the White Sox’s World Series victory, I hope Ozzie Guillen is right and this propels all the drunken louts who have polluted Wrigley Field in the last couple of decades — and especially since 2003 — to pick up their beers and head south to 35th & Shields.

If the ChiSox now “own the city,” in Guillen’s words, then perhaps loyal Cubs fans (you know, the kind that didn’t jump on the bandwagon — not to mention any names, ahem!) will once again be able to show up at Wrigley on game day and be able to get a decent seat without shelling out a fortune, for a change.

But I guess it’s that kind of fantastical thinking that led the Cubs to think that Nomar Garciaparra could stay healthy and productive for a whole year.