Channeling my anger

The Cubs-Dodgers game started tonight at 9 p.m. I settled in with a sandwich and flipped the station to Comcast Sports Net, which is scheduled to carry the game tonight. But it isn’t on. Instead, the end of the White Sox game is on.

A message scrolling across the bottom of the screen informs Cubs fans that, if they are kind enough to sit through the end of the Sox game (however long that takes), they’ll eventually switch over to the Cubs game. What — don’t we get to watch the Sox post-game?!

Needless to say, I am very unhappy. Paying a princely sum for cable every month to watch the games was bad enough. Broadcasting the game on four different channels throughout the season was even worse. But this is the absolute worst. Not being able to find the game on TV would be torture enough. Knowing it should be there but that the Sox game is being broadcast instead is absolutely galling.

The Cubs must end this arrangement now. They need to ensure that if the Sox game or any other game runs late that the game can be shown on another channel in the meantime. So I’m stuck, instead, listening to the radio.

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UPDATE: As the Sox game ended, the Cubs were putting men on second and third against Derek Lowe in the second inning. Comcast decided not to immediately switch to the Cubs game but to instead run a promo for its sports news show later tonight, go back to the Sox broadcast for the player of the game announcement and show several commercials.

UPDATE II: Al Yellon, Cubs fan and local TV news producer, writes that Comcasts’ refusal to do a “panic close” and go immediately to the Cubs game last night was “ridiculous” and the folks at Comcast Sports Net are “idiots.” Yes, sir!