There’s still a chance

With news that free-agent slugger Carlos Delgado has opted for the Marlins over the Mets and Orioles, it appears that there is one last chance for a Sosa deal to go down. Both the Mets and Orioles are looking for some pop in the lineup, which Sosa may still be capable of providing.

Cubs General Manager Jim Hendry should make the deal only if it makes sense in terms of both the talent received in return and the financial impact. In the meantime, the Cubs are trying to make nice with Sosa after a bungled PR attempt to savage him and therefore make a trade palatable.

I do honestly think the Cubs can win with Sosa in right field. In fact, it’s most likely their best chance to win, considering how little they’re likely to get back for Sosa based on his faltering performance the last couple of years.

The Cubs’ two remaining holes, closer and left field, may yet be filled by picking from the scrap heap. Robb Nen is coming off a severe injury and could have a comeback year if the Cubs sign him to an incentive-laden deal. Outfielder Magglio Ordonez is still unwilling or unable to work out for his suitors, which is a bad sign. His doctors say he’ll be ready by spring training.

I don’t know that that’s enough to hang your hat on for a guy with a rare injury who is likely to command at least a few million dollars for one year. Hendry is rightfully treading carefully and probably has taken a pass on Ordonez for good.