Super pill!

Here it comes to save the day:

It’s called rimonabant, or Acomplia, and last week researchers reported it could help people not only lose weight but keep it off for two years.

That burnished the drug’s reputation after two studies in March, which suggested it could fight both obesity and smoking, two of humanity’s biggest killers.

The French pharmaceutical firm Sanofi-Aventis plans to seek federal approval for rimonabant next year.

It’s long been my belief that the “obesity epidemic” we’re dealing with now was caused by our highly sedentary, obscenely rich lifestyle and it will be solved by that lifestyle, of which cutting-edge medicine is surely a part.

That’s surely more likely to work than some Washington bureaucrat putting ads on TV telling us to take the stairs and park farther away at the mall.

UPDATE: Of course, a pill is only the latest get-thin-quick solution. One of the oldest is the sweat bath, which has been part of many different cultures the world over. Check out this Web site for an overview of baths from Russia to Finland, Turkey to Native America (thanks to Dad for the link). It’s good for what ails ya!