No, I’m not that Kevin O’Reilly

A Chicago woman is filing a civil suit against William Kennedy Smith — yes, him — in relation to an alleged rape several years ago. Her lawyer is Kevin O’Reilly. Kevin E. O’Reilly, that is.

I first learned of the news on Thursday night, when a producer for ABC News left a voice mail for me saying she was looking for “Kevin O’Reilly, the attorney representing the woman suing William Kennedy Smith.” And Mom said I didn’t have what it takes to be a lawyer!

Having been on the other end of the “let’s call everyone in the phone book with this name” reportorial approach, I didn’t bother to call back, assuming she’d find her target sooner or later and didn’t need to hear back from me.

Surprisingly, she called again a little later and Karen politely told her she had the wrong Kevin O’Reilly. How much of my 15 minutes is left now?