Knock on Wood

I should be in a good mood considering the Cubs recaptured a tie for first place with the Reds (yes, the Reds) after taking two of three from the hated Redbirds. But no:

Kerry Wood will have a bone scan Monday after he cut short a live batting practice session Sunday when he felt more discomfort in his right triceps.

The Cubs are really doing a remarkable job of staying in the hunt considering that three everyday players, two ace starting pitchers, and their two left-handed relievers are all on the disabled list. That’s really a credit to Baker as a manager for keeping the team focused and to Hendry as a GM for making sure the team had such great depth.

I hope that this Wood news is just the Cubs being overly cautious. So far that caution seems to have paid off with Prior, in spite of my worst fears about his injuries.

Hopefully the test comes back negative and Woody just builds the arm back up. Or something. Once again, this is the kind of injury that could be devastating not just for the next few weeks or even just this year, but for the future of the franchise. I’d say the same of Sosa’s back spasms (a notoriously recurring injury) if I felt he were really important to the team’s long-term future.

He’s still an excellent player, but considering his age and his declining statistics he is no longer “the franchise.”