So long, it’s been good to know yuh

Disproving those who insist that copy editors can’t write, Tribune sports copy editor Richard Rothschild rightly mourns ESPN radio’s loss of Tony Kornheiser.

Instead of turning up the volume on a sports topic or personality, ESPN Radio’s Kornheiser and Patrick provided illumination and perspective. Sure, they sometimes grew a little hot under the collar, but the two hosts both approached sports with a spirit of play that the subject requires.

Alas, no more. Last year WMVP replaced the final hour of Kornheiser’s show and the first hour of Patrick’s program with two hours of blowhard Jim Rome, whose syndicator paid the station so he could get on the air in Chicago.

Earlier this year Kornheiser disappeared entirely from Chicago radio when WMVP opted for local programming between 9 and 11 a.m. (As if Chicago needed yet another local sports radio show.)

And by the end of March, Kornheiser will be gone from national radio altogether.

I’ll miss Kornheiser’s radio show. He was funny and made it a priority to talk to sportswriters around the country to get a better scoop on what was happening in the sports world, instead of relying on contentless interviews with big-name athletes.

The formula for so much sports talk radio is to whine endlessly about whatever and then kiss up mercilessly when any athlete or sports mogul is interviewed on air. Boring!

But it’s not as if Kornheiser’s disappearing. He’ll still be on the ESPN’s slightly entertaining talk show, “Pardon the Interruption” as well as the irritating “Dream Job.”