IJ, you J, we all J for IJ

In case you were curious, yes, Insurance Journal is still publishing. IJ Midwest has been going well so far, though it’s a lot more work than I was doing before. It’s been a challenge, definitely.

Here’s a link to the Feb. 23 issue of IJ Midwest online, and here’s one for the March 8 issue. I’ve been busy working on a couple of longer stories that will appear in upcoming issues, so there’s not much by me in either of these issues, aside from the little editor’s note.

I did write a couple of news stories, though. One about a group of state legislators specializing in insurance affairs that moved to password-protect its Web site, much to chagrin of the self-appointed consumer representatives. And a second story concerns a Missouri insurance department study that claims to show that the practice of using credit scores in rating and underwriting discriminates against minorities and the poor.