Meanwhile …

Those poor pathetic souls known in Chicago as White Sox fans have had enough of the Cubs fever supposedly sweeping the city.

Chicago Tribune columnist and lifelong Sox fan John Kass concluded a recent column with the words, “Go Cubs.” Here are some of the responses he received from outraged comrades.

They include one letter from 13-year-old Sox fan Tara Lucas:

We should be proud of the fact that one of our city’s teams made it to the playoffs. But the truth is, I’d rather no teams did than the Cubs making it and the Sox did not,” Miss Lucas wrote. “It is not out of jealousy, but out of … hatred.

I am assuming that you did not mean those two terrible words. Please tell me you did not mean them. (Signed) Tara.

They learn early, and most baseball fans in Chicago never forget. Apparently John Kass did. He had no adequate defense, of course, because there is none.

The only thing more despicable than the Chicago baseball fan who claims to root for both teams is the die-hard of one team who decides to cheer on the other team out of “civic pride” or some other fantastic notion come October. I give you: Da Mare.

Rooting interests are, of course, arbitrary, which is what makes them so much fun. When the team that you’ve arbitrarily decided to root for, usually for geographic reasons, finally wins it all it’s almost as if you earned that victory by your years or decades of partisanship. But to jump on the bandwagon … well, it’s about as satisfying as rooting for the best picture favorite on Oscar night.

It’s the sign of a confused soul, headed straight for sports purgatory.