Toot, toot

My latest story to see print in Insurance Journal is on the much-ballyhooed do-not-fax rule.

A little news on the IJ front, by the way, is that the magazine is “going national” beginning January 2004. This national presence will include three new regional editions — Northeast, Southeast and Midwest. Yours truly has been named managing editor of the Midwest edition, meaning I’ll be in charge of the regional “wrap” around the national content shared across all editions.

It should be fun and a challenge. It will keep me busy, but that’s a good thing.

I’ve also tentatively agreed to revive the Free-Market.Net Policy Spotlight, formerly written by the very talented J.D. Tuccille, on a freelance basis. I’m doing it on a monthly basis to start, and my first spotlight takes aim at the federal government’s “Budget Bulge.”