Rooting interests

Obviously, I’m rooting for the Cubbies. Aside from that, here’s where my heart will be in the divisional round of the baseball playoffs.

American League

  • Twins vs. Yankees: Well, duh. I will be rooting for the Twins, of course. Not only are they un-evil, but they helped humiliate the White Sox. The Yankees are heavily favored but the Twins are one of the hottest teams in baseball. They find ways to win.
  • Red Sox vs. A’s: Red Sox, of course. This may be the premier match-up in the divisional round, featuring the Red Sox high-powered offense versus the A’s great pitching. Much will depend on how the starters other than Martinez perform for the Red Sox, and whether they can keep their bullpen from imploding. If the Cubs don’t win it all, I hope the Red Sox do.

National League

  • Giants vs. Marlins: Giants. Bonds deserves a World Series championship capper to his career. If the Cubs and BoSox fall by the wayside, I want the Giants to win it. I especially fear that I’ll be rooting extra hard for them against the Braves in the LCS if they get past the Cubs. As for this series, the Marlins have been one of the hottest teams in baseball since Jack McKeon took over as manager, but the Giants have been almost unbeatable at home and have home-field advantage. I think the Giants will take it.