O we of little faith

Well, duh. Did you ever have any doubt that Shawn “L” Estes, the man with the 6.09 ERA this season would pitch a complete-game shutout and save civilization?

Of course he did, because this must be The Year. This won’t make me forgive Estes’s terrible year or Dusty Baker’s stupidity in running him out there week after week to get lit up in the middle of a pennant race, but he came through when it mattered last night. The Cub Reporter called it.

Sure, his shutout came against a bunch of minor leaguers who claim to be the Cincinnati National League Base Ball Club, but it was huge nonetheless. A loss like the 11 others he’s given the Cubs this year would have put them back even with the Astros for first. Now they stay a game ahead with only four games left.

Estes did the job he needed to do last night, and in superb fashion. Now we can only hope he never makes another start in a Cubs uniform. … Zambrano was roughed up last time against the Pirates. Hopefully he’ll be back in top form tonight.

Go Brewers!