When I was 22

Nice story by Melissa Isaacson in the Tribune today on Mark Prior, whose approach to the game is outstanding.

The young man has amazing talent, yes, but a really good head on his shoulders too:

“This is a very humbling game, a game that can bite you in the butt,” he says. “It’s built on very negative statistics. A good hitter gets a hit 30 percent of the time he’s up to bat. You’re not a good shooter if you hit 30 percent in basketball. No other sport is so negative.

“But it’s funny: That’s the thing I love. Every time you show up, there is something to learn.”

Aside from lacking Prior’s talent, I definitely didn’t have his maturity when I was 22. Heck, I barely had passing grades in college. Prior is, without question, my favorite player in baseball today.

I hope to watch him for years in a Cubs uniform. It would be nice if I had an authentic Mark Prior Cubs jersey to watch him in!