We’re back in this thing

Big time. Thus spake Dusty.

Now seems a fitting time for me to eat some crow. Big time. I wrote earlier that the Cubs shouldn’t try too hard to make any trades to bring costly veterans to try to make the playoffs this year.

My thinking was that it wouldn’t be the worth the talent the Cubs would have to surrender and that aside from the top four starters the Cubs were so mediocre a playoff spot was out of the question. After watching this team (in person) win two straight against the Astros and three of four in the series (sorry, Karen!), it’s obvious I was wrong.

Hendry made a great trade for Lofton and Ramirez and Sosa’s heated up at the right time. While the ultimate price of the Pittsburgh deal isn’t known yet (the Pirates name the second player in the deal Friday), even losing Bobby Hill is arguably worth being “back in this thing,” only a half game out.

Ultimately, the Cubs have simply played much better than I thought they would. Since the All-Star Break they have gone 15-10 and have won five of their last six series.

Now on to the Dodgers!