Hi, my name is Mohammed … Sanchez

Well, I certainly would think about changing my name if I were an Arab or Muslim. You see, if the INS doesn’t get around to extending your visa or processing your application for permanent residency fast enough, and you happen to be an Arab and/or Muslim man, and you’re foolish enough to think that by registering with the INS you’ll remove any suspicions that you’re somehow a terrorist, think again.

Thirteen thousand Arabs and Muslims made that mistake. Trust me, it won’t happen again.

I just don’t get it. Unless there’s evidence that somone has ties to a terrorist group, why deport him? If the only reason for deportation is because the paperwork isn’t there, then this is clearly racial profiling. After all, millions of Mexicans not only are undocumented, but have powerful political supporters pushing for them to get amnesty.

This is precisely why immigration needs to be more open to everyone and regularized, so that immigration authorities can focus on screening immigrant applicants from terrorist-designated countries to make sure they don’t have any ties to terrorist groups.

And it’s just a counterintuitive policy. Terrorists won’t register to begin with. And now innocent Arabs and Muslims will refuse to register and be force to live even further underground than they already are. Nothing else sends the message that the United States isn’t out to harm Muslims than summarily deporting a few thousand of them.