RedEye sucks

It does, it really does. And I tell them so every opportunity I get. Fortunately, I get them pretty regularly. The best part is, RedEye pays me for the privilege.

About a week after the thing started running I saw an ad where they wanted reader feedback. So I dutifully shot off an e-mail explaining as patiently as I could what an insult to the intelligence of 18-to-34-year-olds the pseudo-newspaper was.

I received in reply an invitation to join the RedEye reader panel. Every week or so, I receive via e-mail a password to participate in the latest survey. They ask questions about the latest issue, how often I read RedEye, how much money I make, etc.

For every fourth survey I fill out (they take about five minutes to complete), I get a $10 CTA transit card, though I could have gotten gift certificates to Border’s and some other places I now forget.

And at the end of each one, when they ask if I have any comments to add. I share my unsubtle point of view. How fun.