First Empire, now Stu

Why don’t you do like Stu — and screw up another great cheesy ad jingle? Again, a legendary local jingle has been altered for the worse.

Viewers of daytime and late-night Chicago-area TV should know that after the question, “Why don’t you do like Stu?” The catchy musical suggestion is that one, “Push it, pull it, tow it to Golf Mill Ford.”

“It” is your old, broken down car, and the ad showed a hefty gentleman pushing, pulling and then towing a junker into the lot of this suburban Ford dealership.

In the new ads, there is no singing. It’s just a spoken suggestion and loses all of the force of the original.

What’s next? Attacking another country just because they might at some unspecified point in the future have weapons half the world already has? Oops.