Failing calculus

I don’t understand why Dubya came out against the University of Michigan’s admissions program. He tried to split the difference, sure, inasmuch as the White House brief does not condemn racial preferences in all circumstances, but that certainly won’t matter to the Democrats trying to get out the black vote in

Jeez, the only reason Florida was so close in 2000 was because of the incredible black turnout after Jeb’s jettisoning of racial preferences in the state’s contracting and admissions programs.

And, certainly, lame damage control attempts such as placing a story in today’s Post claiming that Condi Rice played a key role in Dubya’s decision won’t help much to assuage the concerns of black voters, who already have an unfavorable opinion of Dubya and a majority of whom are against the coming war in Iraq.

After all the machinations to get steel votes in Pennsylvania and Ohio (assuming that strategy works to begin with, which is questionable), they’ll probably be offset by an increase in black votes for the Democratic nominee in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. And all of this on top of the Trent “All These Problems” Lott debacle. Anyone care to explain this to me?