They never thought it would happen in their little town

Those words, or something close to it, are uttered in every episode of the great little A&E show, “City Confidential.”

This show’s spin on the murder-in-an-hour format is to focus on the communities in which a well-known murder took place, showing how the deed and its aftermath affected the life of the place. The show is filled with wonderful little narrative touches. In describing the heat of a particular summer day in Chatanooga, Tenn., home of the MoonPie, the narrator says, “It was hotter than a melted MoonPie on a car’s dashboard.”

And the narrator! Black actor Paul Winfield, most well known for his role in the miniseries, “King,” has the most soothing, soporific voice. The corny cliches just roll right off his mellifluous tongue. Judging by the running times, this show was made to put people to sleep.

It’s definitely a lot more soothing than some noisy, annoying talk show. Murder as a lullaby. What an age we live in!