Better than looking out the window

Chicago magazine’s Steve Rhodes has a nice round-up of the first day debut of the Tribune’s RedEye and the Sun-Times Red Streak, both aimed at the coveted 18-to-34-year-old market.

I picked up Red Eye yesterday and it is truly awful, but at least it is laughably bad. In the editor’s note, they actually write, “So instead of spending your time on the ‘L’ or the bus just looking out the window, pick up a RedEye.” Ha! It’s better than looking out the window. Rhodes picked up on that too.

Given the other popular pastime of CTA riders, how about: “RedEye: It’s better than shut-eye”? Rhodes and I are thinking along the same lines on another point. He writes, “And here’s a question for the Tribune Company: If RedEye or Red Streak succeeds in creating a newspaper habit for younger people, won’t the habit be to read a light tabloid on the train? And wouldn’t the natural progression be to ‘graduate’ to the Sun-Times?”

The Sun-Times is already a very good tabloid. It’s clever, attractive, has good entertainment and sports coverage and provocative columnists. It costs only 10 cents more than RedEye. And while I haven’t read Red Streak yet, I can’t see why anyone would want it. The Sun-Times already is a trashy tab. A tab by any other name would still stain your fingers as badly.