A sad, sublime moment

I don’t have much to say about Paul Wellstone. It’s a very sad thing, of course. But that’s neither here nor there.

I was coming home from doing some errands and arrived home just as “A Prarie Home Companion” came on. The show opened with a Guy Noir bit which was somewhat funny and sweet, in the show’s usual style.

Guy and friends in a bar are commiserating over Wellstone’s death when they find a Bob Dylan song on the jukebox, “Forever Young.” Only, it’s done by Ron and Luanne Swanson and the Eveleth Lutheran Youth Choir. Hyuk, hyuk. Of course, that means Keillor and friends do the honors.

Their version of the song was just sublime. After the second verse of “Forever Young” they transitioned into the second verse of “I Shall Be Released” (“They say every man needs protection / They say every man must fall / Yet I swear I see my reflection / Somewhere so high above this wall”). And they finished up with the last verse of “Forever Young.”

It was a truly sublime moment. The harmonies on the song were gorgeous and were a truly fitting tribute. After all, Dylan’s just a little Minnesota boy. Listen to it here.