How quickly the tide turns

You’ve got to think that it’s all but done for the Giants now.

After Ortiz pitched six scoreless innings and had a 5-0 lead, they had to think that nothing was absolutely safe given the Angels’ proven ability to score bunches of runs, that they were in as good a position as they could hope for. Even if Ortiz wore down quickly, they were handing the game to their excellent bullpen with a cushy lead.

And they blew it. Rodriguez, Worrell and to a lesser extent Nen blew the ballgame and with it dealt a blow to the Giants hopes for a world championship.

Unless Baker decides to mix it up and throw Kirk Reuter out there tomorrow night, we’re looking at Livan Hernandez in game seven. He was hammered in game three, but unlike Ortiz there’s not much reason to think he’ll be fare better tomorrow.

He had a whopping 4.38 ERA during the regular season and opposing batters hit .283 against him. Then again, John Lackey got beaten up in his World Series start, and the Giants have now shown in two straight games that they can hit Francisco Rodriguez.

Bonds has always said that he could not single-handedly carry his team to a championship in the postseason. And he’s right. He’s done just about everything so far, and in spite of a couple of bobbles in the seventh and eighth innings, there was nothing he could do to stop his team’s relievers from wasting Ortiz’s fine outing.

This loss had to be devastating. If the Giants come back and win game seven amid all those rally monkeys, it will definitely be a feat worth admiring, especially because World Series game sevens are usually won by the home team (indeed, no road team has won the seventh game since the Pirates beat the Orioles in 1979). I fear that unless Lackey struggles, the rally monkey will be able to chill with the champagne and just wait for the party.