Press coverage

This story by Eric Krol in the Daily Herald highlights some of the work we’ve done researching campaign contributions to the Illinois gubernatorial by O’Hare contractors.

Surprise, surprise — Democrat Rod Blagojevich, who is gung-ho for expansion, is receiving eight times as much in contributions and O’Hare-related donors make up 8 percent of his total take. Then again, he’s raised a lot more money than Ryan to begin with. And he’ll win. The question is whether he’ll give Daley a headache by asking for a piece of the action at an expanded O’Hare.

Of course, Blagojevich’s biggest mistake — at least as far as entertainment value goes — is forsaking what should be his campaign slogan: “In Rod We Trust.”

Patrick Corcoran of the Elk Grove Times wrote a very favorable piece about our report, “The O’Hare Scandal: Hijacking the System.” I’m even mentioned in the story — undeservedly so, of course. What’s funny is that two people who’ve been with AIP since the beginning (Bryan Doyle and Drew Adamek) had their names misspelled, while I — the newcomer — had his name spelled perfectly. Fortune smiles upon me.