Sarge Jr., Delino memorabilia and a blowout

I attended last night’s Orioles-Phillies game as part of a Fund outing. Aside from getting us to the game late, parking the charter bus about five miles away from the park, and seating us in a reserve section only slightly closer to the field, the game was a complete blowout.

The Orioles were led by, of all people, former Cub Gary Matthews Jr. He went 5-for-5 with two runs and two RBI. He batted third in the lineup, which tells you something about the quality of the Orioles’ lineup this year. After struggling to stay above the Mendoza line for parts of two seasons with the Cubs, Sarge Jr. is hitting .292 with three home runs and 15 RBI. Not great, but not terrible either.

After about the fourth inning, with O’s up 5-1, I decided to take a walk around the park, heading downstairs and toward Eutaw Street by the brick warehouse which serves as the backrop for the right field bleachers and also houses a few stores and pubs. I’ve been there once before, in 1994 with the Stris. I had my camera and took lots of pictures, at least a few of which might turn out decent.

I bought a turkey sandwich and beer at Boog’s Barbecue and stopped by the Orioles Baseball Store in the warehouse. I remember I bought a beautiful Orioles cap when I was last at Camden Yards, before I developed my policy of not wearing any sports paraphernalia for teams I don’t actually root for.

I wandered around the store, and what did I see? Encased in glass was a variety of autographed baseball and Orioles memorabilia, including some things signed by Alex Rodriguez and, of course, Cal Ripken Jr. But the prize item? Without a doubt, it had to be the autographed 8-by-10 inch glossy of none other than former Oriole and current Chicago Cub Delino DeShields. As you may recall, I don’t much care for Mr. DeShields.

I thought briefly of buying the picture only to perhaps burn it or shred it or use it a dartboard at home, but I decided against it. I try not to let petty hatreds occupy so much psychic energy. That’s what the blog’s for, after all.

A so-so fireworks display after the game did little to redeem the evening, but the nachos were good.